Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives . . . and the Danger of GMOs in Our Food Supply

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Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives – Spring 2013 Trailer (2:27) – An informative and empowering documentary by the Institute of Responsible Technology (GeneticRoulette on YouTube), that discusses genetically modified organisms (GMOs), how they were allowed to invade our food supply, the risks they pose to animal and human health, as well as how to take back our food supply from the transnational corporations and the government that has enabled them. – *For information on the full GENETIC ROULETTE MOVIE: ( – For a transcript of the film: (

Genetically Engineered Food Can Destroy Your Stomach

New scientific studies indicate that genetically engineered or genetically modified (GM) food could destroy your stomach and cause giant tumors and premature death. The research, which has been ignored by the mainstream media, shows that genetically modified foods could be responsible for a lot of stomach problems. They could also have unknown effects on the female reproductive system.

A group of scientists decided to test the effects of genetically modified feed on pigs and got some very frightening results as a report by Dr. Judy Carman, one of the researchers, indicated. Among other things, Dr. Carman found that male pigs that ate GM soy and corn were four times more likely to develop stomach inflammation than male hogs that ate natural feed. Female swine were 2.2 times as likely to develop inflammation if they ate genetically modified grains. Other problems increased by the consumption of genetically modified food included stomach ulcers and bowel diseases, Carman’s report indicates. Hogs were also more likely to develop hemorrhagic bowel disease in which they literally bleed to death because of stomach problems.

The Real Threat to Your Family’s Health

The Mainstream Media and the United States Government are the real threats to our families’ health. Notice how the big media, which gets much of its revenue from food advertising, has completely ignored these studies that show there is a legitimate scientific basis for the concern about genetically modified foods.

Even when stories about Monsanto-created genetically engineered grain growing illegally in fields in Oregon broke, the possible health effects were not mentioned. Self-proclaimed journalists value the money they get from Big Food companies more than the health of the American people.

How to Protect Your Family

Protecting your family from this menace is fairly simple: Don’t eat genetically modified foods. You should either eat foods that you grow yourself or use only certified non-GMO foods. Support your local growers and food producers by eating fresh whole foods where possible.

See the Full Report:
‘Genetically Engineered Food Could Destroy Your Stomach’ – by Off the Grid News

Also See the Institute of Responsible Technology ( and join the TIPPING POINT NETWORK, which will help you find others in your community working together and reclaiming our food supply.


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