Organic S’mores Dessert

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Organic S’mores Kosher Dessert

Yields (12) Servings


Recipe Description:

This recipe originated from a camping trip with a group of Messianic Jewish friends. The dessert idea was designed to create the traditional S’mores treat, which is most commonly enjoyed at fireside while camping outdoors – but to prepare them using a recipe and manner that was both “kosher” and as healthy as possible.

Typically, the terms “healthy” and “dessert” do not usually go together – nor does an “organic” prepared food necessarily mean that it is also “kosher” – (See our text: Cooking with Christ – COOKBOOK – for better details) – This tasty treat however is a very close equivalent for both.


  • (1) package of Matzah Crackers *(Passover approved if possible).
  • (1) package of all-natural Carob chocolate (usually found as “chips”).
  • (1) package of organic Marshmallows (limited shelf life – may be ordered from health food stores / *Kosher Marshmallows are also available at specialty stores).
  • 1 – 1 1/2 cups all-natural Bee Honey (locally harvested if possible).
  • 1/4-1/2 cup freshly ground all-natural Cinnamon (NOT prepackaged in a container).
  • *These are approximates based on individual use and preference (there may be left-overs).

Preparation: (a camp fire is nice – but an oven will do)

  1. Break Matzah crackers into the selected size for individual servings.
  2. Separate quantities of the Marshmallows and Carob chips into a sufficient amount to cover one cracker in a layer of each.
  3. Coat each Matzah cracker with a layer of Honey and generously sprinkle Cinnamon on top.
  4. Apply one layer of Marshmallow and one layer of Carob chips onto a honey and cinnamon-coated cracker – place a second coated cracker on top to form a “sandwich”.
  5. COOK until contents are sufficiently melted (by preference) – Do not burn the crackers!
  6. CAMP FIRE – some people place all the ingredients together and sandwich them between the crackers – then heat moderately in a grated holder using the warmth of the camp fire. Otherwise (to avoid being a bit messy), the Marshmallows may be heated separately (on a stick/skewer) – taking them once slightly melted and pressing in the Carob Chips, to then sandwich between the crackers – ready to serve.

    OVEN (Preheat to 300 °F) – Use all the ingredients as noted above, sandwiched in between the crackers – Then, heat slowly in the oven until desired melting has occurred – Remove from oven and serve warmed.



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